About Rebels + Grace

Rebels + Grace is co—owned by a mother/daughter team that has a passion for unique, modern, trendy and comfortable baby and children clothing that allows for the lil’ ones attitude to shine through!  

When our grandkids/kids were born - it became obvious that baby’s and toddlers were stuck in the tried and true baby clothing that can seem boring....and especially for those little rebel boys!  At least the lil’ girls had cute and trendy clothes!  So after a few years of dreaming.....and the 2nd lil’ rebel to be born into our family....we decided to go for it!  Hence, Rebel + Grace!


During our “dreaming” phase of Rebels + Grace, we knew that to support US Based companies, specifically small women owned businesses would be a key part of what Rebels + Grace would represent.  As two females and in today’s world where moms and grandmothers (or Amma as I’m called) are embarking on entrepreneurship’s to support their families, or just to support that need to give back to communities - we wanted to do our part!

As we go down this venture, we would love to hear from you!  Please signup to ensure you get the latest on our new releases and discounts!


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